Types of Materials
(in forms ranging from hard-copy manuscripts to electronic documents to website copy)
  • Academic books for university presses
  • Professional-development materials for educators
  • Textbooks (student, teacher editions) and lesson plans
  • Nonfiction trade books, from academic to political
  • Academic journals and other periodicals
  • Corporate reports and communications, including training
    manuals, product development reports, and more
  • Website copy
  • Community outreach materials
  • Catalogs and brochures

Content Areas

  • Linguistics 
  • Mid-level mathematics and hard sciences
  • Oil and energy industry
  • Public broadcasting industry
  • National issues, including education, the digital divide, the 
    division of wealth and property, health care, immigration, the environment, and more
  • Arts, including theater, filmmaking, music, and dance
  • Health and wellness

From Addison Wesley Longman

Saunders  Editorial  Services

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About Me

Joan D. Saunders is a seasoned
New York City–based editor and proofreader with 20 years’ experience. She began her editing career in San Francisco with the highly respected textbook publisher Addison Wesley Longman, then accepted a position as lead copy editor for a custom publisher of multiple periodicals. She subsequently became copy chief for one of the largest public television stations in the country.

In 2001, she founded Saunders Editorial Services, and in 2009, the company moved to New York City, where Ms. Saunders continues to focus on making her clients' copy sparkle.