What is your fee?

My rate ranges from $40 to $80 per hour. Most projects are $45 to $65 per hour. The rate depends on a number of factors, including all of the following:

  • Type of edit required – proofreading is a lower rate, the three levels of copyediting are midrange rates, developmental editing a higher rate, and so on. See Services page for definitions of services.
  • How extensive the documentation is (footnotes, endnotes, reference lists, bibliographies, etc.) – if there is a substantial amount of documentation involved in the edit, my rate is a little higher.
  • Type of content – for example, my rate for an elementary-level textbook is lower than it is for a software manual or a research study.
  • Timing of the project – for example, if a job arrives on a Friday afternoon and is due Monday, my rate is a little higher for the required weekend work (also applies to holidays). 

These factors are easily and quickly determined when I see a portion of the content. 

     Generally, I charge by the hour. Depending on the project, I will agree on a per-project fee that is based on my estimate (see "Do you provide an estimate?" below) of how many hours it will take me. Within these parameters, my rate ranges from $40 per hour to $80 per hour. I have seen rates much higher than mine, and I have seen rates much lower than mine.

Do you provide an estimate?
Yes, I do. I prefer to base the estimate on a small portion of the content that is to be edited. I can also provide an estimate without seeing a sample, based on information you provide. Estimates based on a sample are much more accurate. I will guarantee a cap when I provide an estimate based on a sample of the actual content to be edited. 

Are you able to do projects on short notice?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If you have a larger project, it would be best to book me three to four weeks in advance. If your project is smaller, I may be able to slip it in.

Will you do a sample edit?

Yes, I will, at no charge. The sample should not require more than an hour of my time. I'll stop at the 60-minute point whether I have completed the sample or not. This accomplishes two things. You get a feel for the pace at which I work, and I can go back to the work on my desk.

Will you work on-site?

Yes, I will. I charge for travel time and travel expense in addition to the hours on the job.

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